Cober Studio is online.

Cober Studio is online.

Founded in 2022, Cober Studio focuses on premium furniture and wardrobes for residential projects and boutique developments. Melbourne-designed and made in Australia and Europe, complemented with a selection of boutique brands.

Cober Collection: rethinking the elements of the premium furniture industry and achieving the perfect blend of locally produced items and pieces from overseas suppliers. Cober Studio Collection is designed in Melbourne and produced in both Australia and Europe. Working together with its partners, Cober Studio strives to ensure the best quality while reducing its environmental footprint thanks to fewer international shipments.

Boutique Brands: to complement the wardrobes and furniture it designs in-house, Cober Studio has partnered with a select range of boutique European brands, allowing it to showcase an extended collection of unique products.

Unique Service: to guarantee a seamless process from design through to completion, Cober Studio has developed a highly specialised interior design service to deliver premium wardrobe systems, furniture, and other custom joinery. This unique system allows Cober to manage all projects to the very highest standards.  

The purpose: Cober Studio was founded to create a meaningful change, that's good for our clients, society and the planet.

Managed responsibly, Cober Studio provides a premium service while creating simultaneously more sustainable products and helps to create a better society by supporting selected aid projects around the world.

Let’s create something beautiful together. 


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