Let's create something beautiful together.

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Cober Studio

Founded in 2022, Cober Studio focuses on premium furniture and wardrobes for residential projects and boutique developments. Melbourne-designed and made in Australia and Europe, complemented with a selection of boutique brands.

Cober Collection: rethinking the elements of the premium furniture industry and achieving the perfect blend of locally produced items and pieces from overseas suppliers. Cober Studio Collection is designed in Melbourne and produced in both Australia and Europe. Working together with its partners, Cober Studio strives to ensure the best quality while reducing its environmental footprint.

Boutique Brands: to complement the wardrobes and furniture it designs in-house, Cober Studio has partnered with a select range of boutique European brands, allowing it to showcase an extended collection of unique products.

Unique Service: to guarantee a seamless process from design through to completion, Cober Studio has developed a highly specialised interior design service to deliver premium wardrobe systems, furniture, and other custom joinery. This unique system allows Cober to manage all projects to the very highest standards.  

The purpose: Cober Studio was founded to create a meaningful change, that's good for our clients, society and the planet.

Managed responsibly, Cober Studio provides a premium service while creating simultaneously more sustainable products and helps to create a better society by supporting selected aid projects around the world.

Let’s create something beautiful together. 


About the founder

Christian Obereigner

Christian found happiness in his father’s workshop from a young age when other kids played soccer; he explored and got inspired by beautiful furniture and objects as a young boy.

Growing up at the foothills of the Austrian alps, where small and larger furniture-making companies are as common as good coffee shops in Melbourne, Christian studied furniture design, interior design and premium furniture production with all its aspects and details.

In his fast-moving career, he had the opportunity to work on residential and commercial projects across central Europe. After living in Graz he moved to Vienna where he helped to launch a new furniture showroom with premium custom designs and representing famous European brands, including Flexform, Roda, Edra and Rina Menardi, in the heart of Vienna.

In 2016, Christian decided to move to Australia, where he first settled in Sydney to join the growing team of an aspiring premium furniture retail and interior design studio and later moved to Melbourne to launch the business in Victoria showcasing major Italian furniture brands. 

After 6 rewarding years, it was time to start his own business, doing what he loves doing, but this time in a slightly different way, adding sustainability and social responsibility as cornerstones to the business. 

Cober Studio was born!

His modern designs and approaches are influenced by the rich culture of Vienna, the Austrian proximity to Italy, and have a touch of Australian coolness.

Our Planet


We make timeless, beautiful and sustainable products. Designed and produced to last with a reduced environmental impact, considering all elements of a sustainable furniture production.  

Smart Design: our wardrobes are designed to be adjustable if your requirements should change over time. Elements can be added, moved or removed without damaging the structure. In case you are planning bigger works - all systems are developed in a way so they can be disassembled and reassembled without damaging the product.

Made to last: furniture and wardrobes are produced from high quality materials and are meant to last.

Sustainable Materials: materials for our products are sustainable sourced and depending on the type of material have one or more of the following certification: FSC, PEFC, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 3834, UNI EN 1090:2009, 

Reducing shipments: Our wardrobes are produced with our partners in Australia and Europe to reduce the overall volume of shipments. Special hardware, profiles and other elements which are not available in Australia are pre-fabricated in Europe and assembled in Australia to keep the volume of shipments to a minimum. All larger components are usually produced locally. 

The offset of required shipments: All international and domestic shipments are carbon offset; with the carbon offset, we currently support following projects:

Mangrove planting in Madagascar

Wind power project in South Africa

Solar Power project in Vietnam

Packaging & Minimal Waste: Packaging is kept at a minimum and is mainly made from cardboard. Unavoidable waste is separated and recycled.

Social Responsibility

Let's help others

In 2008, Christian lived and volunteered for one year in Ust-Chorna, Ukraine. A small village in a romantic location in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains. The location might be scenic, however, unfortunately, the place struggles heavily due to its remoteness and a damaged infrastructure from a major flood in 1998, which still couldn’t be repaired due to the lack of funds.

Not knowing what to expect, it became a life-altering experience for Christian. The bighearted and generous Ukrainian hospitality and appreciation for the little things made up for the countless inconveniences and challenging moments. And with the great local support many projects could be planned and completed in one year.

After years on focusing on his career, it was time again to give something back, and when writing the vision statement, it was clear that Cober Studio should become a role model and make social responsibility one of the cornerstones of the business.

With our responsible management, we help to create a better society and support selected aid projects around the world.  To help create more awareness, we keep a personal relationship with the organisations managing the projects and share their stories.