Perfect blend of locally made and European brands.



Cober Studio Wardrobes

Standout and Sustainable.

Rethinking the elements of the premium furniture industry and creating a perfect combination of locally produced items and overseas suppliers. 


Europe meets Melbourne.

MOGG has a real soul and a clear identity, fresh and curious with a desire to surprise you. With their vision and enthusiasm, the brand has a love of modern living at its heart.


Europe meets Melbourne.

Established in 2018, Secolo is an Italian and UK based furniture brand with a desire to create iconic pieces that meet traditional tastes but with contemporary and unorthodox twists.

De Castelli

Europe meets Melbourne.

Faithful to its decision to give metal a starring role in its designs, DE CASTELLI infuses artisan ideas and workmanship into industrial processes, producing entirely original results. 


Mogg News 2024 - MEDUSA Dining Table

Dining table with inverted arches as legs makes it a timeless piece that blends seamlessly into any space, whether traditional or modern.

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Quick Ship - OLO Concrete Coffee Table

Olo is a family of monolithic wax-finished concrete coffee-tables. Available in ivory and anthracite colours. They are modern sculptures that suit perfectly in every living area. Essential in shapes with maximum expressive force.

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Our Service - From start to completion.

Cober Studio offers a highly specialised service with a strong focus on wardrobe and kitchen systems, furniture and other custom joinery for residential projects and boutique developments. We collaborate with architects, designers and builders or work directly with end consumers to bring your vision of beautiful and functional furniture to life.

Product Design

Cober Studio Collection and Wardrobes are designed in Melbourne and produced in both Australia and Europe.

Custom Design

Are you looking for a special piece you can't find at any other store, we can design it for you.

Interior Design

From furniture selection, simple sketches to detailed 3D visualisations, we offer the right interior design service for your project.

Sourcing & Production

With our large network of suppliers, partners and contractors in Australia and Europe, we can find the right materials or hardware for your project and manage production to the highest standards. With access to small and large factories we can manage single pieces as well as large orders for boutique developments.


We currently offer shipping from our online store to the following States and Territories: VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, TAS, ACT. For shipments to WA or NT please contact us to discuss the best suited delivery option for your order. 


Knowing the importance of a well-executed installation, we offer a premium installation service for our products. Furniture installation for Melbourne & Sydney Metro Area is included in the delivery fee. For all other areas and for kitchen or wardrobe installations, please contact us.

De Castelli

MAREA Sideboard

The traces of time are drawn one on top of another, infused into the changing skin of the rigorous metal forms that define these cabinets and chests. Like the tide (marea in Italian) leaves its mark, wave after wave, even here the hand of the craftsman has left its sign, oxidation after oxidation, creating a painterly effect that resembles water’s erosion of the material.

Somewhere between design object and work of art, each piece in the collection, composed of a chest of drawers, low credenza and cabinet, is unique thanks to an entirely hand-crafted finish that transforms the metal surface into a delicate watercolour.

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Tateyama is a conversational sofa characterised by its soft curves and unusual shape which encourages the users to engage with one another.

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Cober Studio Collection

SLIM Modular Storage

Originally design in 2014 and updated in 2022, the SLIM Collection is a storage system with maximum flexibility. With it's multiple compositional and functional features, it offers extreme design freedom together with an original expressive character.

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Cober Studio Collection

SHAPES Coffee Tables - Draw your shape

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Cober Studio Collection

SHAPES Dining Table

The SHAPES Dining Table is an impressively elegant modern piece, crafted using sustainably sourced European oak and marble. Its wing-shaped legs provide soft, timeless shapes, designed to look stunning in any dining area.

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Cober Studio Wardrobes

Premium Wardrobes

Available now for your project and launching online mid 2024.




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Cober Studio

Interior Design

Cober Studio offers a highly specialised interior design service. It encompasses premium wardrobe systems, furniture and other custom joinery for residential projects and boutique developments. 

We collaborate with architects, designers and builders or work directly with end consumers to bring your vision of beautiful and functional furniture to life.

With our extensive specialist knowledge and wide range of suppliers, we offer unique solutions to help you create your ideal space.

Depending on the scale of your project, we offer a custom design service to suit your budget and needs, from furniture selection, simple sketches and floor plans to detailed 3D visualisations. 

Contact us now to discuss your project. 


About Cober Studio

Founded in 2022, Cober Studio focuses on premium furniture and wardrobes. Melbourne-designed and made in Australia and Europe, complemented with a selection of boutique brands.

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About Christian

From a young age, Christian found happiness in his father’s workshop. While other kids played soccer; he explored and got inspired by beautiful furniture and objects as a young boy. 

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We make timeless, beautiful and sustainable products. Designed and produced to last with a reduced environmental impact, considering all elements of a sustainable furniture production. 

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Cober Studio was founded to create a meaningful change, that's good for our clients, society and the planet.

Founder, Christian Obereigner

Let's create something beautiful together.

Cober Studio provides a premium service while helping to create a better society by supporting selected aid projects around the world.

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